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answers@work provides a unique set of employee surveys designed to help employers uncover issues affecting turnover and retention. Surveys are delivered via email and taken online or can also be taken telephonically, by telephonic interactive voicemail response (IVR), and on paper. Survey results and reports are updated online real-time!


 On Board - Know why your new employees are leaving

Our new-hire three-survey set  "On Board - Know why your new employees are leaving" provides insights from new employees. "On Board" research revealed:


First year turnover is more often greater than annual turnover and far more expensive.


Best-practice organizations employ tactics that ensured that newly hired employees did not leave their organization prematurely

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Imagine employee engagement survey

Imagine- How it could be
is an assessment survey that reveals your employees’ satisfaction, engagement and dedication to their job and your organization’s goals and objectives. Through survey results, you will hear employees clarifying what key areas of the work climate are affecting performance and retention. Like other answers@work survey services, employees spend just a few minutes answering standardized Imagine questions plus customized questions included at your request (and at no cost to you).  Imagine security ensures individual employee confidentiality.

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Our flagship employee survey is "eXIT - Know why your employees are leaving". eXIT works when terminating employees spend just a few minutes answering carefully researched standard and customized questions. eXIT security ensures each employee’s confidentiality. Uniquely, the research behind the survey content ensures that the questions asked of departing employees return information critical to the issues and programs that effectively improve employee retention.

eXIT measures employees’ satisfaction with:


The job itself

Workgroup relationships

Rewards and recognition

Market competitiveness

Organization related issues

Community living issues (housing costs, commute)

Customer satisfaction

Resignation recovery

Legal issues avoidance

Personal growth opportunities

Personal reasons for leaving

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This new survey incorporates research from the best minds in leadership effectiveness into a 360 degree survey using the powerful answers@work reporting and comments capabilities.  You will have the ability to gather input from each leader’s manager, peers, direct reports, all reports,  (and others if customized) and compare these opinions against the leader’s self evaluation in such categories as:

Creating a believable vision

Motivating others

Displaying effective leadership characteristics

Measuring results

Encouraging others

Demonstrating credibility

Role modeling leadership, and


Developing leadership in others

Use this survey to better understand the strengths of, and opportunities for, your leaders at all levels to effectively lead your valued employees and contribute to meeting strategic objectives.